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Earlier in the year I posted about switching to using Chagrin Valley shampoo soaps instead of commercial shampoos. I purchased several sample bars and I started with the Butter Bar Conditioning shampoo soap bar in March. Since then I've several of the samples including Rosemary Mint, Carrot Milk and Honey, Chamomile and Citrus, Honey Beer and Egg and the one that I am currently using is Ayurvedic Herb. In addition, I continue to condition once a week with a 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water conditioning solution. I am especially liking how my hair is responding to the Ayurvedic Herb shampoo bar. Even though I've gotten a lot of compliments on my hair and I've been growing it longer, some of the other shampoo bars seemed to either leave a residue or not seem to sufficiently lessen the oil in my hair. Or, perhaps, it really took this long for my hair to become acclimated to using shampoo bars. Although, I doubt it. I really need to pay closer attention to how my hair reacts to each bar, though. I know that I'll definitely want to purchase the Ayurvedic Herb bar in the future.
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I've been using the Butter Bar Conditioner shampoo bar about a week. I started after my commercial shampoo (Suave conditioning shampoo) ran out. Since I had switched to shampooing only every other day with the Suave, it seems to have taken less time for my hair to acclimate to the change. Today I conditioned for the first time with apple cider vinegar and water mixture as well. I'm actually pretty happy with the results thus far. I may alternate using a non-conditioning shampoo soap bar as my hair seems to be getting oily. On the other hand, my hair/scalp may still be trying to regulate the oil production so I may give it another week with this bar before switching to a non-conditioning version.


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