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I keep writing posts in my head but I never have the time to sit down and actually write them down here.
So here are some random thoughts:

First I want to let [ profile] theyarnproject know that I got his package! Thank you so much for the perfectly crocheted piece of cake and cookie (it looks so good I want to eat it!) and the crochet hook! I'm sure I will get use out of it. In fact, yesterday I was crocheting the first horn for the baby viking helmet (hat actually) that I'm making for a friend's baby and the crochets are so tight that I instantly understood why [ profile] theyarnproject would be cursing at his projects! LOL! I decided to switch hooks down a size and that seemed to solve the problem for now.

Today I went over to a friends house to drop off a couple of things and visit. She fosters rabbits and she had a lionhead rabbit that she said looked like he should be a steampunk rabbit! And he does have quite the sideburns going on there! But I said he needed goggles. She didn't have goggles but she did have a collar and bowtie (for her cat but it worked on the rabbit). So here you are, Sir Rothschild:

I had to take about 20 pictures to get a few good ones. LOL!

Things are busy at work and at my house we are getting ready for Confluence. Which is the local literary science fiction, fantasy and horror con that [ profile] dergeis and I help run every year. [ profile] dergeis is getting ready with the video program. He's purchased a new projector screen. I'm directing the musical and also helping in the art show. It's a crazy time in the household!

It might be a bit quieter around here. I'll be reading, though.
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In a little over a month, Confluence will be taking place at the Doubletree Pittsburgh Airport hotel. Our Guest of Honor is Robert J. Sawyer, author of Flash Forward and WWW: Wake, WWW: Watch, and WWW: Wonder. Our Featured Filk Guest Alexa Klettner. Online registration is available until July 16th but the hotel room block closes on July 1.

ETA: We always do a musical travesty --a parody of an SF classic set to the music from a well known musical. This year's production is "20,000 Leagues of Music" --Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea set to the music from The Sound of Music. Yes, that's right, The Sea is Alive with a Thousand Fishes!

Please consider attending and/or boosting the signal. I've already crossposted this to the Pittsburgh LJ community.

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The short work week still felt like 5 days. Things at work are ramping up with projects so I may be even more absent from LJ than normal. I work in IT for a university so we try to get stuff done during the summer when the majority of students are away.

Also, in two weeks is Confluence. Even though I've been off the official conference committee, I'm still involved with the musical this year and the art show. It's hard not to be when my friends are and they could really use the help. I hope to see some of my LJ friends there, too!
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Just learned via [ profile] mrgoodwraith and @tobiasbuckell on Twitter that William Tenn, aka Phil Klass, has died. Reportedly, his funeral will be held on Wednesday. I know that I will miss him. He had been practically a permanently invited and honored guest at Confluence and, while his health permitted, he attended many social functions held by Parsec, the Pittsburgh science fiction, fantasy, and horror organization. I have spent many hours listening to him tell stories --stories of his contemporary authors that he knew in New York, City, stories of the war, stories of growing up. He truly was a master storyteller.
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Due to some mitigating personal circumstances, I have to say that I wasn't as organized as I could be this year for Confluence. Still, I had a pretty good time and the art show did better than we expected. Highlights for me were the beer tasting and the Guest of Honor speech and not only because those were the only events I was able to attend as opposed to running or being a part of. The most important things I learned from the GOH speech were to write something that you'd like to read and only John Scalzi can get published just by putting his stuff up for free. I also enjoyed his story about meeting his beautiful wife, Kristine. I appreciated having [ profile] amg04 to help out running for food for us and much appreciation also for Bonnie, [ profile] moonbeamjedi and [ profile] pengylady who were extremely helpful during all parts of the art show! It was great to see [ profile] kosaginolegion and others. (I'm sorry to not remember everyone as I'm a bit brain fried at the moment.) This year's production went off well and caused much laughter and a few groans at the puns therein. I was especially pleased that we needed to build more panels on which to hang art than last year for this years art show. I would have liked more 3-D art but I realize that this is a lean year for people and they are probably having to take on more work to make ends meet. I got to finally see [ profile] dr_zfrq in person at the dead dog filk at [ profile] dreamdancer85's place. In all, I'd say it was a good con for me despite the events leading up to it.
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I've put some new pictures up on my Flickr account. A picture of a prop from Grease Wars which we performed at Confluence and some photos from visiting Phipps Conservatory for the Dale Chihuly exhibit.

I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice and re-reading Jane Eyre courtesy of Daily Lit. I like the small bites that make it easy to read while uploading photos or waiting for other things to happen.

I plan to see Stardust on Friday. I recently finished the Neil Gaiman novel which was illustrated with art by Charles Vess. I know they had to make changes so I'm interested to see how the movie turns out.
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Well, the results remain to be seen but the conference had attendees and lots of stuff going on. Our art show was bigger and better than ever. I got to see friends and not sleep. So this will be quick so I can go to bed early and catch up on what I didn't get this weekend.

EDIT: A really big thanks to [ profile] amg04, [ profile] moonbeamjedi and friend Francis, [ profile] pengylady, [ profile] kosaginolegion, [ profile] mewsrissicat, [ profile] mewschangeling, [ profile] mewsgryphoncat, [ profile] scs_11, [ profile] wen_spencer, [ profile] mrgoodwraith and especially [ profile] celticmoons, plus all those people who either don't have an LJ or whose LJ names I don't know, for all your help, suggestions, conversation, and making my con really enjoyable!
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I'm going to be at Confluence this weekend and I don't know how much chance I'll have to be checking the journal. I hope to see many of my friend there, anyway. Most likely, I can be found in the art show.


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