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I've put some new pictures up on my Flickr account. A picture of a prop from Grease Wars which we performed at Confluence and some photos from visiting Phipps Conservatory for the Dale Chihuly exhibit.

I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice and re-reading Jane Eyre courtesy of Daily Lit. I like the small bites that make it easy to read while uploading photos or waiting for other things to happen.

I plan to see Stardust on Friday. I recently finished the Neil Gaiman novel which was illustrated with art by Charles Vess. I know they had to make changes so I'm interested to see how the movie turns out.
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From Wil Wheaton's blog:
"I still came across something that's so totally awesome, I thought I'd share with my usual enthusiasm:

DailyLit sends you bite-sized chunks of public domain books (including many classics) daily, on weekdays, or three times a week via email or RSS -- for free. Each serving takes less than five minutes to read, and if you want, they'll send you the next installment right away if you click a link. The whole idea is to read short segments for a few minutes in your spare time.

When you find a book at DailyLit, (via Title, Author, or Category) it tells you how many parts you'll be subscribing to, so you can get a sense of how long it will take to finish the book, and what kind of commitment you're making. "


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