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Yesterday I tried to use a USB device and my system froze or so it appeared, since my mouse and keyboard wouldn't respond, it may have just been the USB ports that were toast. I rebooted and was able to get it to work again, but things weren't quite right so I updated the BIOS, firmware and drivers knowing that a call to tech support would probably encourage me to do this. Once again I had the problem with it freezing (or rather no mouse or keyboard response even after switching from my wireless keyboard and mouse to a wired keyboard and mouse). So I unplugged all of my USB devices (two printers and a USB hard drive) and rebooted. Still no mouse and keyboard response. I went to bed. Today, after dinner, I called Dell tech support and spoke with a gentleman who told me that his name was "Jack". He had a foreign accent (I'd hazard to guess it was an Indian accent) but was quite understandable and did say at the start of the call that if he goes too fast or I needed to have anything repeated to just say so. I explained my problem and all the things that I did to solve it. He still had me test out the keyboard and mouse on another machine to make sure they were working and had me reboot the affected machine several times. It did not seem like he was reading from a script, though. Finally he was about to send someone out to replace my motherboard when he must have happened upon one more thing to try. This was to unplug everything, including the power from my machine and then hold the power button in for ten seconds. He explained that this reset things and released the power from my machine. I didn't press him on this. We hooked up the monitor, mouse, keyboard, and power and, amazingly, it worked. I could use the keyboard when the Windows Error screen came up to move through the choices and I was able to login to my machine. I rebooted, just to make sure and things worked fine. After trying to up-sell me some RAM which I declined, I thanked him for his help and he gave me his voicemail box in case I need to get in touch with him again about the problem.
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I'm writing this from my new Dell Dimension with Windows Vista Home Premium.
The first thing I did was install Firefox knowing that IE 7.0 is not compatible with lots of websites. I just got the machine set up today even though I've had it since Thursday (I wasn't expecting to get it so soon so I had to hurry up and do some computer rearranging). The old machine is still up and acting as a print server and I think I might still need to get stuff off of it even though I have a large USB drive to which I dumped stuff before setting this one up.


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