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A couple of addenda to previous journal entries before I settle in with my chamomile tea and the Discworld novel, Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett. First, the Christina Aguilera Back to Basics album is a two cd set. I was writing about and definitely prefer the second CD in the set. Second, if you decide to attempt the City Ham recipe from Good Eats, either line your pan with foil first or remove the ham from the pan when applying the brown sugar and crushed ginger snaps. I didn't do either and had to scrub off burnt/baked on sugar from the pan. Luckily they were both enameled and so the mess didn't adhere as readily but still a few sessions of soaking and scrubbing were required.

It's over!

Dec. 16th, 2006 06:32 pm
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The holiday celebration with my husband's family is officially over. I got lots of compliments on the ham. I guess I'll be doing it next year, at least that's what the indication seems to be. My mother-in-law made sweet potatoes with lemon juice and orange juice which tasted really good. So I'll be getting that recipe. Our gift exchange went well. I got a bag, some storage boxes, beads and tools for my beading hobby. The bag is designed to hold the beading tray I have and I needed the tools. The Klingon got me the ThinkGeek USB Snowbot and let me open it now so I could take it to work next week and display it on my desk. The other gift I got somewhat prematurely was out of need. We were short on coasters for the table so the Klingon took these Circuitboard Coasters out of the gifts he had stashed away for me. He got two DVDs, The Tick vs. Season One and Captain Blood (1935). Right now he's watching The Magnificent Seven on tv. [ profile] amg04 and I will be meeting my M-I-L and S-I-L at the Destinta Theater to see The Pursuit of Happyness in about an hour. It was a good celebration. And the kitchen is clean due, for the most part, to my M-I-L and S-I-L.
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Well, I took yesterday off to get the cleaning done and then procrastinated. At about 4 pm, I was looking at what I had left to do when I realized that I was obligated to go to a holiday party with a friend who had just started working at her new job on Monday. She and I had lunch on Tuesday because she now works in the same area and we discussed this holiday party for her new job and I said that she should go. She's quite an introvert and needed someone she knew there so I was basically told, if she should go to this party, then I'm going with her. I'm somewhat introverted, but not as bad as she is. It was fine actually, and I got to have stuffed cabbage which I don't get very often since the Klingon doesn't like it. Well, he'll eat the filling but it seems like a lot of work just for him to "skin" the thing. Anyway, I got back around 10:30 pm and spent the rest of the time tidying up. I went to bed at 1:00 am and I've still got some sweeping and mopping to do. I got up around 8:30 am due to a phone call from this same friend who was under the impression that I would be up already. I'm making a ham (two actually) for dinner that takes about 6 hours of preparation. I'm using the City Ham recipe from the Good Eats show (Alton Brown). This is the first time I've made it, but a co-worker of mine makes his this way and says it's good. I think my husband's family is arriving at 2 pm to day so I have a little bit of time to finish up. My mother-in-law is bringing sweet potato casserole and cheesy hash brown casserole and pumpkin pie. I'm making the ham, apple coleslaw from the Sandra Lee, Semi-Homemade cookbook and Prince Edward Medley vegetables (green beans, wax beans, carrots). I think my mother-in-law is also bringing Swedish Limpa which is a sweet rye bread that she makes. Time to get sweeping and mopping!


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