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A random conversation today with [ profile] mewsgryphoncat caused me to microwave uncooked whole wheat elbow macaroni tonight and see that it did, indeed puff up a little bit. The key is the location along the arc outlined by the rollers underneath the rotating glass plate. This tip also caused me to discover that pappadums microwaved in this location puff up much more completely than if placed in the center of the plate. I broke the circular uncooked pappadum in half and place each half at opposite sides aligned along the roller track.

I stayed up much later than I intended to, last night in part due to a PBS Great Performances program of Sting's interest in and recording of madrigals written by 17th century composer and court musician, John Dowland. Songs from the Labyrinth is the name of this album. While Sting doesn't have the usual voice and style that one associates with the singing of madrigals, his interpretation and style works, in my opinion --Especially on the piece called "In darkness let me dwell". The first time I heard it, it sent shivers up my spine and still does. Sting' interpretation of this particular piece is perfect. I'm sure it's purchase is in my near future.
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Our 22 year old Samsung microwave has been dying for a couple of weeks now. Today it started smelling like something was burning while I was microwaving some veggies, so I unplugged it and had the Klingon set it out on the back porch. Luckily, we had a microwave that my brother gave us and that my daughter had taken to college her freshmen year but wasn't using now. It needed a good bit of cleaning (college students aren't the cleanest bunch) but it's in place and working and I was able to microwave veggies for breakfast in it. *whew*


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