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Today, I took my usual lunchtime walk down Fifth Ave in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. While I was crossing Lothrop Street, and more than halfway across in the crosswalk, a blue Dodge Neon comes zooming around from making the left off of Meyran to making the right onto Lothrop right in front of me. The young male driving the car thinks he's cute and yells at me, "Don't worry, it's only a turn signal". Well, of course I have no retort, as I'm just glad he timed it so that I was not stepping in front of his car. He seemed to think, in error, that because the light was in his favor on Meyran, it applied to Lothrop. It does not. Traffic that is turning onto Fifth from Lothrop has a stop sign and is not controlled by that traffic light. Likewise neither is pedestrian traffic and in any case, pedestrians have the right of way. He was in the wrong and should have stopped seeing that someone was in the crosswalk.

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In a little over a month, Confluence will be taking place at the Doubletree Pittsburgh Airport hotel. Our Guest of Honor is Robert J. Sawyer, author of Flash Forward and WWW: Wake, WWW: Watch, and WWW: Wonder. Our Featured Filk Guest Alexa Klettner. Online registration is available until July 16th but the hotel room block closes on July 1.

ETA: We always do a musical travesty --a parody of an SF classic set to the music from a well known musical. This year's production is "20,000 Leagues of Music" --Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea set to the music from The Sound of Music. Yes, that's right, The Sea is Alive with a Thousand Fishes!

Please consider attending and/or boosting the signal. I've already crossposted this to the Pittsburgh LJ community.



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