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The Klingon and I went away on a much needed long weekend. We went to Erie, PA to see the Brig Niagara and Presque Isle. We stayed at the Vineyard Bed and Breakfast in nearby North East, PA which did not have Intenet access so I was not able to read e-mail and/or surf the Internet all weekend and I didn't really miss it! In general we had a good time, but Friday night, after biking 14 miles on the Presque Isle trail, we ate at Joe Roots Grill and I must've eaten some bad scallops because the rest of the weekend I was ill. I managed to muddle through and my insides are finally starting to settle down. On Saturday we went to the Maritime Museum and saw the Brig Niagara. They were starting to get the Niagara ready to for it's summer of sailing the Great Lakes. The last time my husband saw the Niagara it was up on blocks but this is another incarnation of it which is water-worthy. What wood remains of the original ship is part of the officers' quarters. Then we went to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Lake Erie and checked out the exhibits there. We spent the rest of Saturday driving/walking around Presque Isle looking for geocaches and benchmarks. The breakfasts at the bed and breakfast were wonderful but I didn't feel like eating very much. I did finish American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I enjoyed it.


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