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Mar. 3rd, 2007 02:28 pm
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Well, we inexperienced rabbit wranglers only got about one third of the actual rabbits that were at that site. The experienced rabbit people found two more adults and three babies. It turns out that one of the rabbits we captured was quite pregnant (ready to give birth) and another was in "bad shape". The three rabbits in need of the most medical attention went back to the shelter immediately. Leaving my friend with two adults and three baby rabbits. There were still two rabbits that remained uncaptured and I don't know what their fate is at this point.

Edit: The pregnant rabbit produced 8 offspring. No word on if they will all survive.
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Today mostly well sucked. But I carpool with a friend who volunteers at an animal shelter in their rabbit division and she got a call that there were several rabbits (five, it turns out) abandoned near a bridge close to her neighborhood. So we went out to see if we could get any of them and came back to her place with three. Two of which, it turns out, are a bonded pair. The shelter will probably set up traps for the other two if they can't catch them either. Two of the rabbits she caught on her own The third one, I helped her catch. I found that it was in a spot that it felt was safe but when she lured it out with an apple and grabbed it. I ran for the animal carrier since it was fighting her a bit and I doubted that she would make it over to where we had staged them. We felt pretty good about getting three and the official shelter rabbit person thought we did a pretty good job, too.


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