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In viewing this video on the Post-Gazette website, I learned that the Federal government has set a threshold of $16 million before FEMA can provide assistance on the theory that a municipality should be able to absorb the cost of repairs that fall under that threshold. In the video we learn that the Wilkins Twp yearly budget is only $4 million. So I'm wondering if the threshold should be a percentage of the municipal budget rather than a set amount? The federal threshold represents four years of Wilkin's twp total budgets. I'm sure for larger municipalities this amount is easier to absorb. On the other hand, it may be just a way to keep from overloading FEMA which is probably underfunded to begin with. As a resident of a neighboring municipality, I care about the quality of the roads on which I drive and I'd like to see my neighboring roads taken care of. The June flood was the worst I've seen and the worst it's been in quite a few years from what I hear from my neighbors who have lived here longer. The flooding was probably brought on by changes in water flow due to additions made near the Sears store on Business 22. Now a hotel complex is set to be built on the former property of the Showcase East cinemas located across Business 22. I'm sure that will also have an effect on the local water run off situation and most likely cause more flooding.

When [ profile] dergeis and I were out visiting my brother in Aurora, IL earlier this year, we both noticed that all of the developments had water retention ponds built nearby. I think it's high time that water runoff remediation of some sort be a requirement of any new development in this area.
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This is such a good idea I had to share.
Stolen from [ profile] kingofthewho:


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