Nov. 4th, 2012

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Since I last posted, I have been in the ensemble of the Pittsburgh Savoyard's production of the Yeoman of the Guard which was a blast. I helped my daughter sew a bustle skirt in black satin and white crepe and we had fun doing that, too but it took a couple of weeks of sewing. In there I had a birthday and there was this storm called Sandy that decided to rain on it. But where I live didn't get much more than some wind and rain. It seemed like every day last week it rained. In fact I think the sun poked through once yesterday that I saw and a little bit today.

People who I know and care about and live closer to the East Coast did not fare as well and my heart goes out to them. Especially my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who had over a foot of water in their house (they had evacuated and so did not lose their cars). They lost a lot of stuff that they had only put up a foot and are racing against the clock to get things cleared out before mold sets in. First I am glad they are all okay. I know this is very hard for them. I know that they will recover from this and that there are people out there who won't be able to recover from this.


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