Jan. 11th, 2009 02:53 pm
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My car wouldn't start today. It was a little reluctant to start yesterday at times. Today it turned over very slowly or just clicked. I had planned to go somewhere but it wasn't pressing. This was the first time we had used our membership in the Better World Club. The tow truck came within the hour and the guy who towed my car to Pepboys where I bought the battery that was in the car, said he thought it was the battery. My car was done today because it was the battery and it was still under some of the warranty so I only paid about $80.00 for the whole thing.

Last night I gave Anybooks on Amazon a "fair" rating. They e-mailed me to ask me to reconsider. Here are my reasons:
1. The book arrived yesterday when it was reportedly shipped 12/15/08. I ordered from one other bookseller on Amazon at the same time and the item arrived by 1/6/09 when it was shipped at the same time.
2. When I attempted to e-mail them about the item they sent me a canned e-mail stating that they only communicate with customers via their website (included a link) so I needed to post my problem there and check back when there was a response. There are two reasons why I don't like this. a. I had to create a new login for a site I'll never visit again. b. I can think of valid security reasons (spyware/malware) why I am reluctant to visit websites I know little about.
3. They would not supply a tracking number for the item. I just had to wait until 1/21/09 (the last date it might show up on my doorstep) and then they would do something. I did have the option of requesting a refund for the item at any time but I wanted the item, not the money.
Since they are probably not going to change the way they do business, I'm not going to change my rating. I just won't be doing business with them again.

I'm also unhappy with Samsung. I called them about 3 weeks ago about my monitor and was told that a refurbished replacement would be shipped within two weeks for exchange. I called yesterday and the customer service rep said that no monitor was shipped and I wanted to know when I could expect to get a new monitor and was told that I'd have to call back during a week day and talk to "Executive Customer Relations" and that there was no separate number, I'd have to call the regular number and ask to be transferred. I'll call tomorrow and we'll see how that goes.

Yeah, I know these are all minor items in the scheme of things. Still annoying all the same.
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If you read John Scalzi's Blog, Whatever, then you already know about this but I think this is such a good cause, I'm posting it in case you haven't heard of it. Each year The Dewey Donation System picks two entities (community or school libraries) to which people donate books or money for books. This year, John Scalzi is running a contest on his blog for those who donate and then tell him to whom and what they donated. This is in addition to the prizes that Dewey Donation System offers. Go check it out and send a book to one of the libraries for this years drive, today. I don't have any prizes to offer except the great feeling that you'll get from turning kids onto books.


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