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Today, while I was making dinner, we received a call from a "Private Number" as indicated by call waiting. It turned out to be someone conducting a brief survey for companies in the technology industry. The person on the other end went on to ask demographic questions about everyone in our household including,internet use at home and/or work and/or school, gender, age, ethnicity and education level. Then the caller asked to speak to the male member of the household. He proceeded to ask my husband questions about whether or not he got to specify, recommend for purchase or purchase technology in his job. As my husband is a help desk analyst working for another company his answer to these questions was no. Had the surveyor asked me, the answers might have been yes. But then again, they were only interested in male household members, apparently.
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Friday I got home a little early and a few minutes after I had gotten home and was about to do some things around the house, the door bell rang. It turned out to be a guy who does windows and vinyl siding locally looking for work. He said something about how our siding could be updated and I said, "I believe it's wood." And he had to look and confirm that. When I asked him if he used composites he said that he didn't. Then he proceeded to give me his card and indicated that my husband should call if he's interested. Three strikes and he's out. 1. I should damn well know what my house is constructed of and he should take my word for it. 2. I want composite siding. 3. While my husband and I will make the decision jointly, I think there is no need to have my husband call you. I'll call you if I'm interested and judging by the way you treated me, I won't be calling.


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