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Due to some mitigating personal circumstances, I have to say that I wasn't as organized as I could be this year for Confluence. Still, I had a pretty good time and the art show did better than we expected. Highlights for me were the beer tasting and the Guest of Honor speech and not only because those were the only events I was able to attend as opposed to running or being a part of. The most important things I learned from the GOH speech were to write something that you'd like to read and only John Scalzi can get published just by putting his stuff up for free. I also enjoyed his story about meeting his beautiful wife, Kristine. I appreciated having [ profile] amg04 to help out running for food for us and much appreciation also for Bonnie, [ profile] moonbeamjedi and [ profile] pengylady who were extremely helpful during all parts of the art show! It was great to see [ profile] kosaginolegion and others. (I'm sorry to not remember everyone as I'm a bit brain fried at the moment.) This year's production went off well and caused much laughter and a few groans at the puns therein. I was especially pleased that we needed to build more panels on which to hang art than last year for this years art show. I would have liked more 3-D art but I realize that this is a lean year for people and they are probably having to take on more work to make ends meet. I got to finally see [ profile] dr_zfrq in person at the dead dog filk at [ profile] dreamdancer85's place. In all, I'd say it was a good con for me despite the events leading up to it.
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Because I seem to have a number of friends in the SCA. I just have too much other stuff going on in my life right now to splinter off some time for it.
I took this just for the H377 of it! )


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